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    Apple presents their new iPad on October 16


    On Wednesday, the American company Apple sent press invitations for an event organized on October 16 on its campus, Cupertino in California, where they will showcase their new iPad tablet models. The specialized media is awaiting new thinner iPad versions and tablets equipped with digital print readers, similar to what was installed last year on iPhone. The new tablets could also be compatible with Apple’s new payment system, Apple Pay.

    The launch of the first iPad in spring 2010, served as a catalyzer for the worldwide digital tablet market of which Apple remains the leading producer. The Apple group is nevertheless confronted with competitors who offer smaller and less expensive brands that are connected with Google’s mobile Android system. Apple’s world market share fell 26,9% in the second semester, following a 33% drop the previous year, according to estimations by IDC research group.

    Apple has just launched two new smartphone models, iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus that have sold in more than 10 million phones altogether in the first 3 days following their market releases at the end of September.

    The group has also announced the release of the new Apple Watch for the beginning of next year. It will be their first new gadget launch since the release of the iPad.

    Jonadav Apelblat (Source: Belga)
    Business and Technology Editor
    The Brussels Times