Facebook is preparing a new “pro” version of its website
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    Facebook is preparing a new “pro” version of its website


    The social network is currently working on a new version of its website dedicated to work and professional connections, in order to compete with sites like LinkedIn, Financial Times reported on Monday, citing sources familiar with the matter. “Facebook is secretly working on a new website called Facebook at Work+”, which will allow users to communicate with colleagues, get in touch with professionals and collaborate on documents,” the FT wrote.

    Last month, Facebook announced it had experienced yet another strong third quarter, with net profit nearly doubling to $ 802 million (€ 640 million) and a revenue increase of 59%. Despite the positive news, its stock price however declined after Facebook announced plans to invest heavily in the future rather than short term projects.
    Facebook, which now boasts nearly 1.35 billion monthly active users in the world, was established in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and other students at Harvard University.

    The website is currently seeking to diversify its offering and recently unveiled a program which allows users to chat anonymously in “chat rooms”, with the intention to bring back the atmosphere of of the early days of the Internet.

    Facebook is also testing a feature which allows users to make online purchases simply by pressing a “Buy” button.

    Last month, Facebook completed the purchase of WhatsApp, the mobile messaging application, for nearly $ 22 billion.

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