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    Smartphones were a huge success in 2014, overtaking tablets


    Around 2,8 million smartphones were sold in Belgium in 2014, an increase of 29% compared to the year before. That lead to a turnover of 835 million euros, an increase of 22%, L’Echo reported on Thursday. They were quoting the market study bureau GfK. The launch of Apple’s iPhone 6 at the end of September lifted the market. At the same time, telecom operators developed subsidised offers that made smartphones more accessible. Result: nearly one Belgian in three now has a smartphone.

    Traditional mobile phones have not been completely abandoned. Nearly one million were sold last year.

    The tablet market slowed down for the first time. “Only” 1,1 million tablets were sold, a fall of 6%. The fall in profit is bigger: -14% to 306 million euros, due to a fall in prices.

    Jonadav Apelblat
    Business and Technology Editor
    The Brussels Times