The new Huawei Smart Watch: Most watch-like smartwatch on the market
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    The new Huawei Smart Watch: Most watch-like smartwatch on the market

    Huawei might be a newcomer in Europe, but after Apple and Samsung, the Chinese giant is currently battling for third place with Xiaomi and Lenovo. At Mobile World Congress last week, Huawei surprised us by focusing this year on the Android Wear smartwatch market. The result is highly positive however, with arguably the best smartwatch to have been released in the growing Android Wear market.

    The new “Huawei Watch” is in many ways similar to the LG Watch Urbane, but it’s better executed. In short, you get a classic jewelry style watch with a fully round screen. With a 1.4-inch 400×400 screen and 286 PPI, the Huawei watch has the highest resolution on the Android Wear market. For comparison, the Urbane only has a 1.3-inch 320×320 display.

    The Huawei Watch’s fits beautifully on the wrist. The body is all metal, and it comes with a range of bands, including both leather and metal bands. The watch display is the first smartwatch ever to use sapphire crystal, making it highly protected against scratches.

    The Huawei watch is run with 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400, a 300 mAh battery and 512MB of RAM. And besides its beautiful design, the Huawei Watch comes with many other goodies and exciting features such as a heartbeat sensor and a pogo-pin charger.

    The Brussels Times