Huawei urges increased collaboration and consensus on the future network
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    Huawei urges increased collaboration and consensus on the future network

    Huawei Chief strategy marketing officer, William Xu

    During the 12th Huawei Global Analyst Summit in Shenzhen, company management emphasized the importance of the wider industry to increase collaboration in order to come up with a network that is better adapted to meet the needs and demands of future carriers and end customers. Chief strategy marketing officer William Xu argued that the upcoming wave of new technologies and services such as the 5G network and 4K videos will provide tough challenges for carriers on management of bandwidth and quality of service.

    During the keynote speeches and media roundtables, Xu and his colleagues argued that Huawei was dedicated to play an integral role in the process of helping the industry move forward. Huawei also announced a new focus and ambition to steer away from a hardware focused to a more services oriented business model.

    In addition, Huawei also announced plans to develop services that can be customized to suit the requirements of different clients, including both carriers as well as corporations and enterprises. This includes assistance with planning and optimization of networks, as well as management of the user experience, thus taking on a role of a partner, and not limiting itself to a supplier.

    Huawei’s vision for what the network of the future will look like is defined in the acronym “ROADS” (real time, on demand, all online, DIY and social).

    O. Apelblat
    The Brussels Times