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    Drones get the green light from the Privacy Commission


    The Privacy Commission has given the green light to a drones bill drawn up by the Mobility Minister Jacqueline Galant (MR), Het Laaste Nieuws and De Morgen said on Monday. The Commission thinks drones do invade privacy more than other data collection methods. These devices offer more possibilities than fixed cameras, for example, as a drone can go over the material or symbolic limits that let people determine their private space. Not only can drones go into areas that other devices can’t, but they can also collect information that other technologies can’t access, the Commission says.

    It says that drones can take video and photo images, but also, depending on the technology it’s equipped with, intercept communication signals, detect faces, detect and identify objects and people, record their movements or even report abnormal activity.

    Despite the Commission’s reservations, it gave the go-ahead for Mrs Galant’s decree, as it clearly states that the legislation on privacy must be respected. The Commission is also happy that the law on privacy is part of drone pilot’s training.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)