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    EMB requests supplementary funding for self-limiting of supply

    © Belga
    © Belga

    The European Milk Board (EMB) called Tuesday on the ministers of agriculture of the European Union and the Commission to organize or complete the voluntary limiting of milk supply “in order to reach sufficient stability in the market.” The EMB, which represents about 100,000 milk producers of the EU, specifically requests supplementary funding for prompting producers to reduce their production of milk, as well as establishing a ceiling for the production volume of each country throughout the reduction period.   

    Last July 18th, the Commission had announced that a budget of 150 million euros would be disbursed for motivating producers to reduce their production in the last quarter. “But voluntary renouncing to deliveries can only succeed if it is applied correctly,” emphasized the association on Tuesday.

    According to the latter, this implies employing more than the 150 million considered, as well as establishing a ceiling for the production volume of each country. “Therefore no country would be authorized to increase its volume during the reduction period, thus limiting the total volume,” commented the association. “The measures adopted on July 18th must result at the end of the year, in a profitable price. If this is not the case, obligatory cutbacks would have to be imposed on each country,” considered also the EMB.  

    Jessica Johansson (Source: Belga)