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    Brexit: The EU will have to pay Great Britain (Boris Johnson)


    The EU should expect to owe Great Britain money because of Brexit, rather than the reverse. This is what British Foreign Affairs Minister Boris Johnson said during an interview with the Daily Telegraph on Saturday.

    When the Tory-friendly paper asked him about it, the former mayor of London said he thought “there are very strong arguments” to support it.

    He doesn’t agree with the EU, as it has said it plans to present Britain with a bill to honour its commitments to different programs and European funds at the start of the negotiations.

    The EU estimate the amount at 40 to 60 billion euros, and British paper the Financial Times has said it could even hit 100 billion euros after France and Germany made new requests regarding farming subventions.

    The British government immediately said they would not pay such a large amount. Boris Johnson said the amounts mentioned were “absurd” during his interview with the Daily Telegraph on Saturday.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)