Belgium and France reaffirm their commitment to the European project
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    Belgium and France reaffirm their commitment to the European project

    Emmanuel Macron and Charles Michel arrived at 11:30 am on Thursday at the Egmont Palace in Brussels for a 10-minute meeting in the context of the NATO mini-summit, which will be held late in the afternoon. Both of them acknowledged the “historic relationship” between the two countries and reaffirmed their commitment to the European project, one of the key points of the French President’s program.

    Charles Michel underlined the particularly strong ties between France and Belgium. “I look forward to an opportunity to deepen these relationships in the years ahead.”

    The Prime Minister and Emmanuel Macron addressed, in a short speech before their meeting, the “common challenges” that await both countries but also Europe, such as migration issues, the terrorist threat and the economic recovery.

    “The re-founding of the European Union will be the responsibility of our generation”, added Emmanuel Macron. Charles Michel and he are indeed only two years apart, the first being 41 years old and the second being 39 years old.

    The two men thanked each other warmly, Charles Michel also wishing “good luck” to the President of the Republic for his new “immense responsibility”.

    Emmanuel Macron left the Palace of Egmont at 12:15 to go to a meeting with the Turkish president, Erdogan.

    Sarah Johansson
    The Brussels Times