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    The UK would be ready to accept free movement for a few years


    The British Prime Minister Theresa May would be willing to guarantee Europeans free movement for a few years after Brexit becomes official, the British press revealed on Friday.

    The Times said it would be for two years, while The Guardian said it could be for three or four years.

    Finance Minister Philip Hammond’s plan for a two year transition period after the UK officially leaves the EU in 2019 has gained support from the all the government Ministers, according to The Times. They quote “a British source close to the negotiations”.

    The Guardian claims to have a source within the government, and says the UK would accept a transition period of four years of free movement after Brexit. “If you asked businesses when they wanted this deal done and dusted, they would say tomorrow”, the source said.

    Maintaining free movement would mean British businesses would still have access to the European market during the transition period. The main British Employer’s organisation, the CBI, has said it wants this to be the case.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)