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    Europol launches its album of most wanted criminals

    © Belga
    © Belga

    The European police service, Europol, will launch on Thursday a campaign to disseminate the photos of the 25 most wanted criminals in Europe. The campaign takes the form of a Panini album that citizens can fill in using codes given out on social media.

    Europol conducts such a campaign every six months to draw public attention to its most-wanted list. The aim is for ordinary people to visit the Europol site and consult the list because the more the faces of these criminals are known, the greater the chances of putting them behind bars.

    From Thursday at 0800 people will be able to consult the social media sites of their local police and Europol, obtain codes and then type them in on the website. A total of 25 criminals from 23 countries are featured in the album. More than half are wanted for murder, and the others for crimes such as large-scale drug trafficking, armed attacks and fraud.

    Previous Europol campaigns have been quite successful. The last two led to six arrests, three in winter 2016 and the three others last summer. All in all, 17 criminals have been arrested thanks to information from the public.

    The campaign continues until Saturday, when the last code will be released.

    Maria Novak
    The Brussels Times