Angela Merkel argues for the creation of a common European army
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    Angela Merkel argues for the creation of a common European army

    The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, argued passionately before the European parliament, for the creation of a “common European army”, in addition to the link with NATO. She levelled, “The era where we were able to blindly count upon the support of others is in the past.” She did not actually mention the US, the historic ally of the Europeans through NATO.

    The Head of the German government added, “We must take more responsibility for our fate, if we wish to strengthen ourselves as a Community.” She was setting out her vision for the European Union, as a dozen European leaders had already done before her.

    Mrs Merkel said, “A common European army would show to the world that there would never be a war between the countries of the EU. It would not be directed against NATO, but it would complement it, without ever questioning the link” with the Atlantic Alliance.

    Mrs Merkel asserted that faced with the multitude of weapons systems in the various member states, it would be appropriate to develop weapons systems jointly within Europe, but also to elaborate a common weapons export policy.

    The Chancellor also would like the EU to remove the requirement for unanimous foreign policy decisions, so as to enable the economic and political bloc to act more easily on the world stage.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times