British diplomat resigns, fed up spreading “half-truths” on Brexit
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    British diplomat resigns, fed up spreading “half-truths” on Brexit

    A British diplomat in the US resigned with a bang just six days from UK elections, claiming in her letter of resignation that she could no longer “spread half-truths” on Brexit. 

    Alexandra Hall Hall was in charge of the Brexit file at UK’s embassy in Washington. In her letter dated 3 December she explained that her position had become “professionally inexcusable” and “personally unbearable,” according to CNN.

    Claiming to be neither “for or against Brexit in itself,” the diplomat said she was “increasingly dismayed by the way political leaders have tried to present Brexit, and reluctant to be honest when dealing with the challenges entailed by Brexit, vis-à-vis our own citizens”. 

    “I’m at a point in my life where I prefer to use my time to do something more rewarding than spreading half-truths on behalf of a government I do not trust,” Hall Hall added, naming no politician in her letter. 

    A British Foreign Affairs official, quoted by CNN, said he had “no comment on the details of an individual resignation.” 

    The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union is Boris Johnson’s main focus for his campaign for the 12 December legislative elections. The Conservative leader remains in the lead, in front of Labour’s, Jeremy Corbyn.

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