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    Belgian police 800-strong for 2 stages of Tour de France


    Up to 800 policemen will be on duty each day of the third and fourth stages of the Tour de France, announced Marc Struman, federal police coordinator for Belgium, on Tuesday morning. “The Tour de France is a bubble that can be 25 km long and last for 3 hours,” he pointed out. Certain motorway exits will be closed during the 4 hours before the fleet and riders zip by. “This will impact residents and businesses along the route, and also hospitals.  Arrangements have been made to ensure Huy hospital will be accessible and an advanced medical station has also been organised,” explained Marc Struman.

    When the Tour de France is on the go, nobody can cut across of use any part of the route and there is a strict no parking policy, he added. Traffic will be cut off on all regional and local roads and there will be long diversions in place at either end of the route. Local police brigades will work alongside the federal police to ensure a police presence along the entire route.

    The publicity fleet will be managed by both the French Republican Guard and federal traffic police. The mobile police contingent will consist of 2 helicopters, 23 motorcycles, 8 vehicles, 56 policemen and the Republican Guard. On the Monday and Tuesday, 800 and 600 men in blue will be patrolling the route. Road users will find information around the route on VMS (variable message signs) and also on the website.

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)