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    Red Devils – 9,052 Belgians have tickets for the Euro final


    On Friday, Pieter Maenhout announced that 9,052 Belgian supporters have tickets for the Euro final. It will take place at the Stade de France on the 10th of July. Mr Maenhout is the manager of the Belgian Football Union (URBSFA) in charge of relations with Red Devil fans.

    Maenhout has revealed the number of Red Devils supporters that will go to France. He only took into account those who got their ticket via 1895, the association that covers all the Red Devils supporters clubs. It is likely that other Belgians will go to the Euro after buying their ticket from UEFA. This number is not known: the EU will not give a figure.

    12,697 Belgians are expected to attend the Red Devils’ first match, against Italy in Lyon on the 13th of July. The stadium can hold 59,000 supporters. 9,685 supporters will watch the Devils face Ireland in Bordeaux on the 18th of June, in a stadium that can hold 42,115. 8,270 fans will watch them play Sweden in Nice on the 22nd of June, in a smaller stadium that can hold 35,624.

    If they qualify for the second round, the Red Devils will be supported by 5,085 fans, in whichever stadium they play. 6,210 fans will watch the quarter finals, and 6,153 supporters will watch the semi-final. 9,052 Belgians have tickets for the final at the Stade de France. It will be full (80,000 spectators).

    It is important to remember that the tickets cannot be resold, they are nominated. The tickets will be checked, and there will be stop searches throughout a large perimeter around the stadium. There will be new electronic checks at the entrance.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)