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    Red Devils return to Brussels in triumph


    Supporters of the Belgian national side, the Red Devils, have already begun gathering in the Grand Place in Brussels, in anticipation of a planned appearance by the team at 1500, to mark their third-place win in the 2018 football World Cup. The number of supporters is to be limited to 8,000 for the event, where the side will be hosted in the City Hall.

    Earlier today, the team of 23 players, accompanied by a national delegation of 35, arrived at Brussels Airport on their return from a month in Russia, to a greeting from some 200 die-hard fans. With them, the bronze medal awarded to the team who came third in the play-off against England, who were defeated 2-0.

    The team is expected to be received at the Royal Palace in Laeken at 1230, before departing in an open-topped bus via the streets of Brussels to arrive in the centre at 1500.

    Meanwhile home appliances chain Krefel said it would honour its promise to repay everyone who bought a new television to watch the World Cup, if the Belgian side scored more than 15 goals. In the event, the Red Devils scored 16, including two in their final match against England to determine third place in the tournament, which will now be contested between France and Croatia.

    The chain declined to state how many refunds will be made, but some sources speak of 5,000 sets. In any case, all reimbursements are in shop vouchers which can only be used in Krefel. And the operation was insured from the start, which means the chain will not only pay nothing, but customers will be forced to use their vouchers to buy goods from Krefel.

    Alan Hope
    The Brussels Times