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    Pre-Olympic training for Belgian athletes moves to Turkey

    © Belga
    © Belga

    The Belgian Olympic Inter-federal Committee (COIB) plans to hold December’s pre-Olympic training in Belek (Turkey) and not in Lanzarote (Spain), COIB’s CEO Philippe Vander Putten explained on Tuesday at the hearing with the Sports Commission of Wallonia-Brussels Federation Parliament.
    “Barring unforeseen last-minute changes, we’ll go to Belek,” Vander Putten said. “It is a place known to our athletes. Our swimmers are just back from training there. It’s brand new, and specialists say the athletic track is better. And! it can accommodate hockey, whereas not Lanzarote. And we will normally have two teams.” 

    Vander Putten stressed the importance of this training, organized annually by the COIB for Belgian athletes. Having all athletes in one place at the same time makes it easier for the best specialists — sports physicians for example — to be present.

    In November 2018, the COIB training had brought together for two weeks fifty athletes from eleven sports.

    The Brussels Times