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    Cyclists say big money is for football

    © Belga
    © Belga

    One cyclist in five earns less than 2,000 euros per month in Belgium, according to a survey commissioned by Sporta (sports union) and relayed today in the Het Nieuwsblad. There is a world of difference between football and cycling. A football player earns 30,000 euros average per month. It is really not surprising that four out of ten cyclists say that their partner must also have an income to support the family needs, the newspaper said.

    “There’s just not a lot of money to win in cycling,” Sporta’s Stijn Boeykens said. “In televised football, money flows through profits and transfers, but cycling does not depend on sponsors. The little money that comes in goes mainly to the best,” (not to the pack, ed.).

    In addition to low income, a limited contract term also puts strain on cyclists. No less than 89% of the cyclists have a contract with a two-year maximum duration.

    The Brussels Times