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    This year’s “spring days” equal 1959 record

    (c) Belga
    (c) Belga

    Temperatures reached at least 20 degrees in Brussels on 131 days in 2018, equaling the record set in 1959, the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM)’s climatological service reported on Thursday. The norm for such days, known as “spring days”, in any given year is 79 days.

    This year’s spring days included 61 “summer days”, on which temperatures of 25 degrees or more were recorded. This is way above the norm, set at 21 per year. The record for such days – 66 – was set in 1947.

    There were also 9 “tropical days” this year. These are days on which temperatures mount to 30 degrees or above. The annual norm for tropical days is 4, while the record – 19 – was set in 1976.

    Maria Novak
    The Brussels Times