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    Didier Reynders will be in the US until Thursday


    The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary Didier Reynders will be in the US until Thursday. The Foreign Affairs Office has said he will participate in United Nations events in New York and meet American State Secretary Rex Tillerson in Washington.

    Didier Reynders will be in New York on Monday and Tuesday, where he has been invited to take part in an open Security Council debate on children in armed conflicts. He was invited to speak by French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. “During his speech, Didier Reynders will focus on Belgium’s commitment to the issue: how its own troops function, the attention children receive during the peace process, the fight against the recruitment of child soldiers, and the focus on young people in the fight against radicalisation and terrorism”, says the Foreign Affairs cabinet.

    The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister will also co-host an event focusing on the liberation and social reintegration of former child soldiers. This event was organised by Belgium and UNICEF. Mr Reynders will also participate in a Security Council debate on the situation in Sahel.

    On Wednesday and Thursday, Didier Reynders will be in the capital to meet State Secretary Rex Tillerson and the National Security Council at the White House. “Trade policy and the fight against terrorism will be discussed during the visit”, the Foreign Affairs Cabinet said. 

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)