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    European Court urgently rules on Farid Bamouhammad’s health


    Farid Bamouhammad’s lawyer, Mr Thierry Moreau, said that in keeping with the decision of the Belgian government, on Saturday morning, his client had been transferred from Saint-Gilles prison hospital to a Liege hospital that applied a prison system. He does not wish to disclose the name of the civil hospital where he was finally transferred to, on Sunday night. His condition hasn’t been specified either due to confidentiality.

    Farid Bamouhammad went on hunger strike 56 days ago. On October 13th, he was hospitalised at the medical and surgical centre located in Saint-Gilles prison. In accordance with his doctors’ opinion, his defence had asked the Ministry of Justice that the detainee be temporarily released for health reasons so that he could be transferred to a civil hospital. This request was refused without motivation.

    Last Wednesday, the defence filed an urgent petition with the European Court of Human Rights. On Friday, it issued an injunction stating that Belgium should take all necessary measures to ensure the prisoner would be treated in accordance with the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights including, to the extent deemed possible and appropriate, his transfer to a civil hospital.

    On Saturday morning, the Belgian government had Farid Bamouhammad transferred to a secure room at the Citadelle Hospital, a Lantin prison annex. Last Sunday, his lawyers filed an urgent unilateral application to refer the matter to the President of the Liège Court of First Instance acting in chambers. The judge issued an order granting their request on the same day. The prisoner’s transfer from the Citadelle Hospital to a civil hospital took place on Sunday night.

    According to several jurisdictions, during his 28 years in prison, Farid Bamouhammad has endured “inhumane and degrading” living conditions. The matter was referred to the European Court of Human Rights over a year ago. According to several doctors and psychiatrists, detention conditions have caused Farid Bamouhammad deep trauma.   

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)