European VAT fraud network dismantled, in Belgium in particular
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    European VAT fraud network dismantled, in Belgium in particular

    German, Dutch and Polish police forces, working with their colleagues from various other European countries, arrested 27 people involved in a network suspected of embezzling 320 million euros in VAT fraud on Thursday, revealed a European police source. Approximately 50 raids took place as part of a joint operation in fifteen European countries, including in particular Belgium, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Denmark and France, revealed Eurojust, the European judicial cooperation agency based in The Hague.

    “The joint operation, Operation Vertigo 3, is part of a wider investigation into organised VAT fraud,” said the institution in a press release. It is the third time a joint operation takes place in this context since the beginning of the year.

    Eurojust reckons the network avoided paying VAT thanks to a “sophisticated” scheme resulting in incorrect tax amounts being registered.

    “The close collaboration of all partners involved from the beginning of this investigation” led to key figures in this organised fraud being identified, and allowed “efficiently targeted cross-border measures” to be taken, added Eurojust.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)