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    Sea Life Blankenberge welcomes 3 new blacktip sharks


    The Sea Life marine park in Blankenberge is welcoming 3 young blacktip sharks to replace 3 animals which had outgrown their homes. Blacktip sharks are similar to other sharks except for the tip of their fins, which is black. 3 females joined the centre in 2010. Since then they have grown to a total length of 120 cm, too long for the Blankenberge facilities. Their growing hunting instinct also developed and meant they needed to be moved.

    The procedure was not risk-free for carers as sharks are quick to attack humans when threatened. “But everything went smoothly. The sharks were captured and transported safely,” revealed the marine park. The arrival of 3 smaller blacktips made up for the loss of the larger sharks. A zebra shark and 2 carpet sharks arrived as well.

    Christopher Vincent (Source: Belga)