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    One mammal in three under threat in Belgium (Statbel)


    One mammal in three is under threat in Belgium. This is according to the species ‘red list’, which has been updated by Statbel, the Statistics department of the Economy SPF. The Sudpresse papers published this story on Saturday.

    Belgium has 53,909 native species, including 36,368 fauna. Since 1850, 182 species have gone extinct in the country. These include the lynx, sturgeon and wolf. No less than 1,029 species are under threat, and 766 others are seriously under threat. 30% of mammals are under threat, compared to 26% 10 years ago.

    In Wallonia, the list of rare species includes the grey dormouse and Kuhl pipistrelle. Species seriously under threat include the European otter, the large hamster and some bat species. The Wildcat has disappeared from the Brussels region, is seriously under threat in Flanders, and almost under threat in Wallonia.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)