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    Photo of fox on tram goes viral

    © Stib/MIVB
    © Stib/MIVB

    The photo of a fox who sneaked abroad a Stib tram to steal a ride from the maintenance depot at Marconi has gone viral on internet. As if it is aware of what it takes to go viral on internet, the fox is shown looking cutely out of the window of the empty tram.

    However to the disappointment of all, one Twitter user, in attempting to prove the shot’s veracity, discovered it was in fact posted on the Reddit forum in 2-17, so while being genuine, is not new.

    According to Stib spokesperson Cindy Arents, “The photo was in fact taken by one of our workers, but we don’t know exactly when. When a tram arrives at the depot, the doors open automatically, and the tram is cleaned. Animals sometimes take the opportunity to come on board. On that occasion it was a fox, and one of our employees took the opportunity to take a picture before it escaped. But indeed, we can confirm the photo is authentic.”

    Alan Hope
    The Brussels Times