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    Wolves arrive at Pairi Daiza

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Six Canadian wolves will settle in Pairi Daiza this spring, announced the Hainaut park today. Nanook, Nita and their four cubs arrived from Munster’s zoo (Germany). In April, Pairi Daiza will open a new “world” called “The Last Frontier”, all about Canada’s British Columbia.

    The pack’s four little ones do not have names yet, the zoo said. A survey will allow Pairi Daiza visitors to choose from among 10 Amerindian names. It’s the park’s tradition, they say. In 2016, animal lovers had thus chosen to call the new-born baby panda Tian Bao.

    The park’s new section is still under construction, but the public should discover this new “world” when Pairi Daiza reopens on 6 April. “The Last Frontier” will present British Columbia’s natural environment, hosting bears, elk, mountain lions, beavers, cranes, deer and many other animals… before welcoming a pack of European wolves.

    The Brussels Times