French radio sorry for saying the Queen died

French radio sorry for saying the Queen died
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A French radio station has made headlines across the world after accidentally sending out obituaries for several celebrities including Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood, both very much alive.

Radio France Internationale managed to make that embarrassing mistake a hundredfold due to a technical programme, according to an online statement put out in the aftermath.

"Due to a technical problem many obituaries were put online on our website on Monday", said a statement from RFI. "The messages then automatically went online with RFI's partners, including Yahoo! , MSN and Twitter."

Despite being quickly removed, the damage was already done, with the news not only read by the general public, but the topics of the stories. “We offer our apologies to the people concerned and to you who follow and trust us,” the station added. “We are doing all we can to rectify this major bug.”

Taking to Twitter, French actress Line Renaud, 92 posted a photo with her dog to prove she was, in fact, alive. "As you can see, I am doing well".

Other names included former US President Jimmy Carter, football legend Pele, Cuban leader Raul Castro, actors Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot.

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