Hidden Belgium: A fake funeral for Adolf Hitler

Hidden Belgium: A fake funeral for Adolf Hitler

A plaque on the wall of the Kombi Bar at Rue Haute 60 in Brussels celebrates a strange mock funeral procession that began on this spot on 10 June 1945. A local volunteer called Philippe Lemaître lay in a coffin dressed as Adolf Hitler, who had committed suicide ten days earlier.

Surrounded by a wild crowd, the coffin was carried on a cart through the streets of the Marolles neighbourhood accompanied by fake German troops forming a guard of honour.

The Marolles had a large Jewish population before the German army marched into the city in 1940. Estimated at about 4,000, the Jewish population was mainly made up of refugees who scraped a living doing odd jobs. The police rounded up 718 Jews on a single morning in 1942. Most did not survive.

A walk around the Marolles reveals a large number of small brass plaques set in the pavement. Known as Stolpersteine, or stumbling stones, they mark the last homes of murdered Jews.

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