Hidden Belgium: Adventurous hikes on the Semois river

Hidden Belgium: Adventurous hikes on the Semois river

Several adventurous hikes begin at a viewpoint on the River Semois near the village of Rochehaut.

The starting point is high above a bend in the river looking down on the village of Frahan. A steep path leads down to the river, where a footbridge built in 1924 takes you across to the village.

The rustic café La Passerelle next to the bridge is a friendly spot to stop for coffee and homemade cake.

Walk number 1 from Frahan climbs the steep wooden hill behind the church to reach a ridge high above the river.

Here you see several strange rock formations along with scattered remains of a thirteenth-century castle.

The trail returns to Frahan along the river, but there are other paths you can follow to reach more remote spots.

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