Hidden Belgium: A secret park in Ghent

Hidden Belgium: A secret park in Ghent

A secret park lies hidden behind the Sint-Pietersabdij in Ghent. Entered by an old coach gate, this romantic spot dates back to the ninth century when the sloping land above the River Scheldt was terraced to create a vineyard.

The vineyard was eventually destroyed, but it was replanted in the 1980s with 400 vines.

The grapes are picked by local students to create a few hundred bottles of white wine. But don’t expect to find any in the shops. The bottles are immediately snapped up by members of the organisation Friends of the Ghent Vineyard.

The site is also planted with fruit trees, lavender, vines and rare quinces. It is popular with students, who come here between classes, but in the summer you might sometimes have the place all to yourself.

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