Leo Cendrowicz
Leo is a Brussels based journalist covering Belgian politics and EU affairs. 
How economics explains Belgium’s rifts
The perpetual tensions pulling at Belgium can be hard to explain to outsiders, but one way do so is by looking at the factor behind so many clashes in history: money.
Friday, 17, November 2017
Belgium’s slow war against diesel cars
There are some 74 vehicles for sale at Super Car, a used car dealer in Auderghem, in the south east of Brussels. Of these, 52 have diesel engines, and just 22 are petrol.
Friday, 03, November 2017
The threat that refuses to go away
Early in August, there was a scene of shocking familiarity in the centre of Brussels.
Friday, 01, September 2017
So rich, yet so poor: How Brussels became a city divided
Brussels likes to boast that it is Europe’s capital. It has all the trappings of a prosperous, vibrant and comfortable city, with its grand Gothic squares, its cosy brasseries and its lush parks.
Wednesday, 14, June 2017
Will Belgium’s football miracle also pay off at home?
They may have tumbled from the number one spot in the world rankings two years ago to seventh place now, but Belgium is still a football superpower.
Thursday, 08, June 2017
Is Belgium fighting hard enough against corruption?
After the Brussels attacks last year, it became commonplace to blame the bombings on systemic failures within Belgium, including what some claimed was a culture of corruption.
Wednesday, 19, April 2017