Martin Banks

Martin Banks is a British journalist with more than 20 years of experience. He has been based in Brussels since 2001, specializing in EU Affairs coverage.

Three years after the Brussels attacks: The continued threat to Belgium of returning terrorists
Hundreds of Belgians left to fight for jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq. But what happens when they return? And how big a threat do these returning “foreign fighters” pose to our safety and security?
Tuesday, 02, April 2019
The revival of Brussels’ most infamous tourist trap
The city’s L’Ilot Sacre (“Sacred Island”) quarter, a tiny area with just three to four streets, used to be the place to be seen in Brussels.
Sunday, 03, March 2019
European Parliament elections in May: Uncertainty, fear and division
The election of the European Parliament is arguably the standout EU event this year but also the one that many fear the most.
Saturday, 02, March 2019
The ongoing taxi war in Brussels and the rise of unlicensed drivers
Concerns have been raised about the possibility of some unlicensed taxi drivers in Brussels “ripping off” the travelling public.
Tuesday, 11, September 2018
Democracy at risk in the heart of Europe: Why non-Belgians should vote in local elections in Brussels
What is the best way to keep your commune clean, improve social services or help stop drug dealing in your neighbourhood?
Tuesday, 04, September 2018
The benefits of Brussels Pedestrianisation Project: Mixed feelings, promises and delays
Get on with it. That is the blunt message from Brussels’ business community to the various authorities overseeing the city’s huge pedestrian project.
Tuesday, 12, June 2018