The Recap: Brussels, A City For Finding Love

The Recap: Brussels, A City For Finding Love
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‘Spread out patients’: Brussels hospitals are victims of low vaccination rate: Hospitals have to show solidarity towards each other and spread their Covid-19 patients between them as they prepare for a new wave of infections when the summer holidays end, according to the Hospital & Transport Surge Capacity Committee.

EU asks US to secure Kabul airport ‘as long as necessary’: The European Union has asked the United States to secure Kabul airport for ‘as long as necessary’ to allow for a continued evacuation of people on the ground in Afghanistan.

Brussels named 12th best city for singles in Europe: Brussels has once again been named the 12th best city in Europe for single people, according to research by global travel site Big 7 Travel.

Traffic institute calls for safer crossings after fatal accident: The traffic research institute Vias has called for a change to the way Belgium organises its pedestrian crossings, after an accident in Antwerp yesterday in which two children died.

85-year-old woman killed in Brussels nursing home: On Monday, the police were called to a murder in a nursing home in the municipality of Anderlecht, where an 85-year-old woman was killed, according to the Brussels public prosecutor’s office.

Energy prices ‘could go up by €130 a year’ for some customers: Energy prices could go up by as much as €130 in the coming year for customers with a variable contract, the federal regulator CREG has warned.

Belgium’s flower sector in full bloom after difficult year: Belgium’s floriculture sector is thriving after demand for ornamental flowers and plants has risen sharply, which is welcome news after the difficulties faced during the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.

N-VA is biggest buyer of political ads on Facebook: The Flemish nationalist party N-VA is the biggest spender in the EU on political ads on the social media platform Facebook, according to research carried out by AdLens.

England and Wales record highest death rates since March: One month after further relaxations of coronavirus restrictions, England and Wales are seeing deaths from the virus rise steadily to their highest level since March.

280 people evacuated from Afghanistan on three Belgian flights today: Belgium’s Defence was able to carry out three “almost complete” flights with C-130s between Kabul in Afghanistan and Islamabad in Pakistan on Monday, according to reports from military and diplomatic sources.

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