Belgium in Brief: Memories Of Masks

Belgium in Brief: Memories Of Masks

Belgium’s experts are concerned with the rising coronavirus figures. One possible solution could be that, once again, masks are used more widely.

At present, this is just a suggestion, not a rule. But will you follow it? Because so long as this remains voluntary it is down to individuals to decide whether to put their masks back on or not.

After all, since the regulations for wearing face masks have been dropped, people remain free to wear one if they wish.

Does this mean we have to like the masks? Certainly not.

I can’t say I’ll have fond memories of stumbling around half-blind because my mask has moved an inch and now my glasses are fogged up.

I won’t long for the days when I missed the person I was meeting because half their face was missing. I won’t miss pinging myself in the face when the elastic gets wrapped around my glasses. I’m done with steering my dog away from another disposable mask on the ground.

For now, however, it’s just part of life.

Will you wear a mask more? Did you never stop? and what’s your personal little mask story you’ll likely never forget?

Let @johnstonjules know (or email me

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1. Over 1,000 Covid-19 hospitalisations for first time since early June

The number of patients hospitalised in Belgium as a result of the coronavirus has again exceeded 1,000, climbing to 1,032, according to figures updated Friday morning by Sciensano, the public health institute. Read More.

2. More and more testimonies, and a second rally against sexual violence in Brussels

Photo of the first march from Monica Frassoni on Facebook

A second rally against sexual violence was held in the Brussels neighbourhood of Ixelles on Thursday evening, and a sister-rally was held simultaneously in Ghent, Belgian media report. Read more. 

3. Pharmacies prepare to administer more rapid antigen tests

From November, anyone presenting coronavirus symptoms for less than six days will be able to take a rapid antigen test in a pharmacy, announced the Belgian Pharmaceutical Association (APB) on Thursday. Here’s more.

4. Belgium wants to recover €420 million in wrongfully paid out coronavirus aid

The Belgian State intends to recover €420 million of unduly paid Covid-19 aid, La Libre Belgique reported on Thursday. Read More.

5. Introduction of Covid Safe Ticket leads more in Brussels to get vaccinated

The introduction of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) in the Brussels-Capital Region on 15 October seems to have led to a higher number of residents getting the vaccine, the Common Community Commission (CoCom) announced in a press release on Thursday. Read more.

6. World’s largest chocolate warehouse opens in Flanders

On Thursday, Barry Callebaut – the largest global chocolate processor and manufacturer – opened the world’s largest chocolate warehouse in Lokeren, Flanders. Dubbed ‘The Chocolate Box’, it will serve as the central hub from where packaged chocolate will be shipped around the world. Here’s more.

7. The Quiz: Chocolate, Christmas, and cocaine

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