Belgium in Brief: Rules For A Fourth Wave

Belgium in Brief: Rules For A Fourth Wave

It's the news that nobody wants to hear, but here we go again.

Belgium’s council of ministers will hold an emergency meeting on Monday to discuss the country's epidemiological situation.

Looking across the news, the plan is to discuss the reintroduction of restrictions and a return to wearing face masks indoors is looking ever more likely. While they could change this week, here are the rules as they stand for now.

Now, back to the regular pre-Consultative Committee expectations. 

As in previous meetings, the aim at present is to control and contain the virus. Belgium's local media is already awash with suggestions of how to do this, but as ever, these really remain unconfirmed until De Croo sings.

So what do we know? As reported on Sunday, De Croo has stressed that closing down sectors isn't on the agenda, so an educated guess would say that restrictions will instead be tightened to allow these sectors – in particular hospitality – to remain open.

Going one step further into the unconfirmed-but-widely-expected, changes to the rules for masks and teleworking are expected to be announced without too much upset.

According to Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke, people should start wearing masks again anyway and not wait for the official advice to do so. 

So, what do you see changing?

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1. Re-introducing face masks indoors considered as Covid-19 situation worsens

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