Belgium in Brief: CC'ing The Future

Belgium in Brief: CC'ing The Future
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That is quite possibly the worst Consultative Committee headline I've come up with yet. I'm sorry. But if you can forgive me the lame pun, I'd still like to talk about it.

By this point in the pandemic, the frequent meetings of Belgium's leaders to discuss things-getting-better-worse-better-worse has become almost comforting. We know all the beats, but it's still fun to watch.

Here's what's probably going to happen now that we know the committee will meet on 19 November:

Pre Meeting:

1) People will suggest their solutions to the current problems and lambast previous measures for failing to deal effectively with ongoing issues.

2) Someone with a bit more authority on the matter will do the media circuit, addressing the issues raised in point 1, but not committing to anything.

3) By the time we reach the day before the meeting, calls for various measures will be coming in from all angles and we will have a good idea of what's on the table (not still no idea IF any of those things will change).

Day Of Meeting:

1) The morning will be spent reaffirming the shared hopes of the various actors, along with predictions for some of the outcomes.

2) The meeting will, eventually, take place and a press conference will be announced at the last minute, after much deliberation.

3) The decisions taken will eventually appear in simplistic news form but won't come into effect quite yet.

Post Meeting: 

1) Politicians will react. Sectors will react.

2) The date will near when things ACTUALLY come into effect.

3) The practicalities will be implemented and everyone will be surprised for a few days, in spite of the media attention.

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