Belgium in Brief: Enter At Your Own Risk

Belgium in Brief: Enter At Your Own Risk
Credit: City of Brussels/Plaisirs d'Hivers

Contrary to other big Belgian cities like Ghent and Leuven, Brussels will not be cancelling its ‘Winter Wonders’ Christmas event this year.

However, the mayor of the City of Brussels Philippe Close has called on non-vaccinated people to stay away from the festivities and the Christmas market for their own safety.

“If you are not vaccinated, we advise you not to come to the Winter Wonders,” he said. “It is the same message as always: you have to protect yourself, and people who are not vaccinated are taking a pretty big risk by coming.”

Especially during the first weekend (starting on Friday 26 November), large crowds are expected to flock to the numerous attractions and stalls across the city.

Various measures, including face masks and a bracelet system showing that visitors have a valid Covid Safe Ticket, have been announced so that the event can still go ahead despite the worsening coronavirus situation, but the number of visitors is still expected to be impacted.

“We found it important to let the event continue despite the difficult coronavirus situation as it is important for the centre and for traders and the attractiveness of the city,” said Delphine Houba, councillor for major events.

“We will follow the situation closely and we will adapt at any time to the situation and to measures taken by organisers and others who are working to make this happen,” she stated.

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