Belgium in Brief: Cancelled Christmas Plans?

Belgium in Brief: Cancelled Christmas Plans?
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Another day, another Consultative Committee, another leaked report with recommendations from the GEMS expert group.

While the Committee meetings have become a fixture in people’s lives over the past almost-two-years, incidents of leaked expert advice reaching the press before being discussed by ministers have also become a fairly regular occurrence.

On Monday evening, virologist Marc Van Ranst was still saying that it would be “indelicate” to talk about the GEMS advice as it still had to be handed over; on Tuesday, the report made headlines across the country.

Still, the fact that advice is given does not mean that it will be followed. But it gives us plenty to think about.

If contact bubbles are introduced again at this late stage of December, will people still cancel their planned Christmas parties?

What happens if bars and restaurants close completely? How will a limit on the number of people allowed inside a shop at the same time impact that last-minute rush for the perfect gift?

If self-tests are provided free of charge, will people use them to keep themselves and their loved ones safe during the holidays? Are all of these questions even necessary? I guess we will find out later today.

What do you think? Let @johnstonjules know (or @maajtee, since she wrote it today).

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