Belgium in Brief: Abortion laws, the fight continues

Belgium in Brief: Abortion laws, the fight continues

The Supreme Court's decision to withdraw the constitutional right to abortion has reverberated far beyond the US, with celebrities and lawmakers – including Belgium's premier – being quick to voice their opposition to the regressive ruling.

The widespread rebuke, which spread to the stage as musicians added to the criticism, seemed to resound from all corners of the European media. The idea that women should be able to make decisions about their reproductive health seems an inalienable tenet of the EU project, that among other ambitions, puts civil rights at the heart of its ethos.

Yet this isn't to say that the EU is an untarnished temple of human rights. Poland was the first European country to partially decriminalise abortion in 1932 yet in 2020, a near-total ban was introduced that has almost no regard for the health of the mother or child. Such a move seems unconscionable in Belgium, but only 55% of the population believes that women should be allowed an abortion in any circumstance. Support for the right is far from unanimous.

Last week's decision in the US highlights the dangers of their peculiar and archaic law-making process. Commentators haven't missed the hypocrisy of those who see gun laws as set in stone but are hardline supporters of constitutional changes such as this one.

In Europe, the events in the US should serve as a reminder that things won are not always done.

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