Belgium in Brief: Asking for Angela

Belgium in Brief: Asking for Angela
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Have you ever agreed on code words with friends to discreetly let each other know something?

Was it something fun, like getting more drinks or signalling an attractive person at 5 o'clock? Or was it for less fun reasons, such as not feeling well or wanting to go home?

From now on, there's a new word to incorporate into your code when you are going out: Angela.

Angela Crompton was an English woman who was assaulted and murdered by her husband in 2012, after an argument that got out of hand. Today, people who feel unsafe in a bar or nightclub are encouraged to approach a staff member and "ask for Angela."

Staff will immediately understand that you feel unsafe and will take you to a safer space, such as a separate area for personnel, where they will ask how they can best help you.

"Sometimes helping is offering a glass of water, sometimes it means calling a taxi," Laura Tilliet, who launched the 'Ask for Angela' project in Belgium, told The Brussels Times.

"But they can also contact a friend, the police, an ambulance, or someone else, or they can kick the aggressor out," she explained. "It depends on the situation and on the person."

In short, using the Angela code word should help you to get help fast without describing your whole situation. "What really matters is that people get the help they need and that we can reduce this kind of behaviour as much as possible within society."

Have you ever felt threatened or unsafe on a night out? Let @Maajtee know.

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