Belgian returning travellers form: What does it ask?

Belgian returning travellers form: What does it ask?
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Travellers returning to Belgium will need to fill in a form 48 hours before arrival in the country, Belgian Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès announced during a press conference on Thursday.

Belgium's traffic light system, which indicates which measures people returning from a holiday abroad need to take, will remain in force. On top of that, however, travellers need to fill in a form to provide details on where they have been.

All travellers over 16 years old will need to fill in travel details, such as what their flight number was, or which seat they had on the train and what days they were travelling on. Personal information such as your phone number and email address are also required.

"We are continuing to refine the form for locating returning travellers in order to automate and digitise the system, so that everyone entering our territory is better tracked," Wilmès said, adding that this will be done in a few days.

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No distinction between travel means will be made, according to Wilmès. "Whether you come back on foot, by train or by plane, it makes no difference. Filling in the form is compulsory for everyone entering our country," she said.

If you are returning from a red zone, you will be reminded to get tested and quarantine. "Additionally, it makes it easier to contact you if it proves necessary," she added.

She stressed the importance of tracking and tracing people now that infection numbers are climbing again, and clarified that travellers who do not fill in the form can be fined.

Up-to-date information on the colour of the different zones within the EU, and what this means for your trip, can be found on the website of the Foreign Affairs department.

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