‘Trimmed Cat’ exhibition comes to Flanders

‘Trimmed Cat’ exhibition comes to Flanders
Photo from Ben Weyts

A mobile exhibition called ‘De Geknipte Kat,’ or ‘The Trimmed Cat,’ has officially begun a 2-year journey through Flanders with the goal of educating people about the needs and proper care of cats, along with local stray cat policies.

Flemish Minister of Animals Ben Weyts presented the first installation of the exhibition in Grimbergen, Flemish Brabant, this week.

“There are still many people who underestimate how much work is involved, so we want to show as many Flemings as possible what it takes to take good care of cats: at home as well as in the municipality,” said Weyts.

“Besides a resolute approach to animal cruelty, awareness is an important part of our policy for more animal welfare.”

Towns and municipalities can request the mobile exhibition from the Animal Welfare Service, which will then take care of transport and placement.

Weyts says that while local authorities are responsible for the care of all stray and lost animals in their territory, the broader public (rather than just municipal employees and volunteers) can also play a role in working towards greater animal welfare.

“The more people we can inform about the care and needs of animals, the better,” said Weyts.

Visitors to the interactive exhibition can see clips of actress Lize Feryn and radio personality Aster Nzeyimana explaining what cat owners need to know about their pets, including the importance of registration and sterilisation.

“Many people don't realise it, but there is a lot to it,” said Weyts.

“Before you get a cat, you should know everything about the needs of such an animal. It’s also good if you’re aware of the efforts that are needed to keep the stray cat population under control.”

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