Corona study: Belgium favours compulsory vaccination for carers

Corona study: Belgium favours compulsory vaccination for carers
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The majority of Belgians are in favour of the compulsory vaccination of healthcare workers, according to the latest results of a large survey of opinions regarding coronavirus, conducted by the University of Antwerp.

According to the survey of 14,000 people, which was conducted on Tuesday, 85.1% of respondents were 100% in favour or somewhat in favour of compulsory vaccination for carers, while 8.4% were against it.

Some groups were more reluctant, with young people, people in financial difficulty and the unvaccinated less in favour.

13.6% of respondents aged between 18 and 35 were against compulsory vaccination for carers.

14.6% of those in financial difficulty did not support the measure.

70% of non-vaccinated respondents were opposed to compulsory vaccination for health care workers.

Of the participants, 1,242 work in health care. Their opinion aligns with that of the general population: 83% of them are in favour of compulsory vaccination.

The publication of these results comes just days after France and Greece announced that they would impose coronavirus vaccination on their healthcare workers.

The Royal Academy of Medicine has issued an identical opinion," says Pierre Van Damme, a specialist in the study of vaccines at the University of Antwerp. "Sooner or later the issue will also be on the table of our policymakers."

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