E313 motorway to Antwerp completely blocked after truck accident

E313 motorway to Antwerp completely blocked after truck accident
Illustration image of a traffic jam near Antwerp. Credit: Belga

The E313 motorway in the direction of Antwerp is completely blocked following a collision between three trucks near the municipality of Ranst around 09:00.

The accident caused a lot of damage, which is why the motorway is completely closed just before the junction with the E34 motorway.

"A lot of debris and fuel is still on the road surface. All traffic must leave the motorway at Massenhoven," Peter Bruyninckx, spokesperson for the Flemish Traffic Centre said on Twitter. "Avoid the zone, because the traffic jam is growing rapidly."

Handling the accident and clearing the road is expected to take a long time, according to the Traffic Centre. Around 09:30, the traffic jam was already over 6 km long.

All traffic on the E313 - A13 in the direction of Ranst must leave the motorway via exit 19 Massenhoven, and follow the diversions indicated with the letter G until the Ranst junction, where they can re-enter the motorway. Anyone driving from Hasselt to Ghent is advised to drive via Brussels.

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