Aeronautical police on 24-hour strike at Liège Airport

Aeronautical police on 24-hour strike at Liège Airport
Credit: Belga.

In accordance with the general strike on Wednesday, police officers on duty at Liège Airport have been on a 24-hour strike since Tuesday evening at 23:30.

The CGSP union that represents workers in the public sector announced that aeronautical police would go on strike on site for 24 hours.

This has resulted in the closure of one of the site's border checks, although there have been no reported disruptions to flight schedules.

The union had filed a strike notice on 31 August to demand better protection for the workers against the current cost of living crisis as well as protesting recent staff redundancies, after having already gone on strike at the end of August.

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To that end, the officers will make the trip to the nationwide demonstration at Place de la Monnaie in Brussels on Wednesday at 10:00, as police are also "calling for renewed sectoral negotiations with the Minister of the Interior, to improve the attractiveness of our profession."

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