Detailed plans of Belgian prisons available on the Building Authority’s website

Detailed plans of prisons, courthouses and European buildings were available on the Building Authority’s website until recently, De Morgen reported on Saturday. The Building Authority has now taken this sensitive information off its site after being contacted by the paper.

One 144 page document contained information about security at the entrances of courthouse in Brussels. Detailed plans of several courthouses and prisons, including the prisons in Termonde, Eupen, Ypres, Louvain and Tournai, were also among the non-secured documents.

A plan of the Residence Palace, the new high-security building which will house the European Council in the near future, was also available. De Morgen said the webpage hosting the document could be found by a simple Google search.

“We did not aim to make this page available to the public”, says Johan Vanderborght, the spokesman for the Building Authority.   

(Source: Belga)

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