The biggest pumpkin in Belgium weighs 849 kilos

The biggest pumpkin in Belgium weighs 849 kilos

Matthias Willemijns, originally from Deurle (Eastern Flanders), won the 27th Biggest pumpkin competition in Duisburg on Saturday, with an 849 kilo cucurbits. This is a record for Belgium, according to the spokesman for the Belgian Pumpkin Producer’s Confederation. Last year, a Tongres resident won the competition with an 829 kilo pumpkin, the previous record.

Around 65 producers entered pumpkins on Saturday. The year’s competition was only for Belgian participants, contrary to previous years, which included producers from the Netherlands and Germany.

The second biggest pumpkin on the podium weighed 725 kilos.

2015 was not a great year for pumpkin production, the Confederation has said. “The weather was very variable with periods in spring and summer being too hot”, the spokesman said.

(Source: Belga)

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