Belgian transport ranks 18th in European performance scorecard

Belgian transport ranks 18th in European performance scorecard

Belgium is ranked eighteenth in the “transport assessment” published by the European Commission on Friday.Port installations are rated excellent by the institution, but it regrets “the time wasted in traffic jams,” a figure which exceeds the European average. The European Commission published a “scorecard” to compare performances of EU member states in 29 transport-related categories such as safety, investments, infrastructures, energy consumption, and innovation. Belgium is far from leading the pack, in eighteenth position. The Netherlands rank first in sixteen categories, followed by Sweden, Finland, the UK and Denmark, with Italy, Greece, Poland and Romania pulling up the rear.

“This is an horizontal snapshot of the situation,” and must “help to motivate us” to improve some aspects, said Jakub Adamowicz, European Commission spokesperson. “There is still plenty to do” in Belgium, and “the Commission is of course happy to work with Belgian authorities with this goal.”

(Source: Belga)

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