Terror threat – Delays in recruitment of anti-extremism specialist for prisons

The government’s decision to recruit an international expert in de-radicalising prisoners is proving difficult to implement. The Inspectorate of Finance explains the expert can only be hired after a European-wide public invitation to tender. De Standaard reported on Wednesday that the process may take a further month.

Following the thwarted attacks in Verviers, the government decided to work on preventing prisoners’ radicalisation. An international expert in the field, Ivan Calabuig-Williams, was to be recruited as a consultant.

But the Inspectorate of Finance which monitors government revenue and expenditure opposed a veto, explaining the expert could only be recruited through a European call to tender. Furthermore, they are not even sure whether Ivan Calabuig-Williams qualifies as an expert.

This negative opinion led to months-long delays, and may mean the Ministry of Justice might not be able to use the services of Ivan Calabuig-Williams. The minister’s office is trying to resolve the issue.

  (Source: Belga)

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