Fatal burglary in Gosselies: man who fired gun is released

Fatal burglary in Gosselies: man who fired gun is released

Two burglars forced their way into the home of a couple in their 60s in Gosselies (Charleroi), on Monday at dawn. They assaulted the victims, but the victims’ son who lives nearby came to the rescue with a gun. He shot and killed one of the burglars. Brought before the investigating magistrate on Monday evening, the perpetrator was released without being charged.

The two burglars climbed on the rooftop of the 60-year-olds’ house on Rue Saint-Eloi in Gosselies. They removed tiles and pierced the insulation to gain access to the building. They then assaulted the occupants. The victims’ son, who lives nearby, heard the noise and arrived with a gun in his hand. He faced the attackers, one of whom was armed, and fired his weapon at least twice. One of the thugs was hit and tried to flee, but he collapsed in a nearby street and died shortly afterwards.

The case will be investigated and the federal police have been put in charge; they proceeded to interrogate the couple in their 60s, and their son. He was then brought before the investigating magistrate on Monday at approximately 10:00pm. The autopsy as well as gunpowder residue seem to confirm the self-defence hypothesis.

Fabian Lauvaux, counsel for the son, confirms that his client was indeed released without charge, and will not be monitored or tagged at this point in the investigation. But the alleged accomplice of the burglar has been arrested. He denies any involvement in the case. 

(Source: Belga)

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